Badstu for arbeidsløse
Context specific situation, Stavanger

Badstu for arbeidsløse was realized and exhibited in Stavanger, Norway, in February to April 2018, together with Studio 17 as part of the exhibition series Arbeidsverk. The project was exhibited March 9-11 i in an empty shop at Østervåg 8, and in form of an installation in the entrance of the public bath Gamlingen until April 8.

Badstu for arbeidsløse offered a place, time and economical space for four unemployed persons to share experiences and knowledge regarding how the Norwegian society treats and regards people that are in the position of being "unemployed". The work simultaneously activates the different positions that are created within the structure of labor; employer, employed and unemployed. In Badstu for arbeidsløse four persons were hired for a private conversation in a sauna at Gamlingen in Stavanger. The conversations were recorded and the participants’ sweat was collected through towels. Parts of the conversations and the used towels were exhibited at Østervåg 8 as a part of the exhibition series Arbeidsverk arranged by Studio 17 and curated by Hans Edward Hammonds and Anna Ihle. The project was also presented as a installation in the entrence of Gamlingen.

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Badstu for arbeidsløse in Stavanger was realized with the support of Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme.