Sauna for the unemployed
Process based project, 2014-ongoing

Sauna for the unemployed is a process based project that take place in saunas. The sauna is a room for relaxation, sweat and physical exhaustion, but is also a place for confidant conversations and secret decision making. The idea is to five times employ four unemployed persons to sweat and share personal experiences, and knowledge about the society that they have achieved through the position 'to be unemployed'.

The first sauna bath took place April 30 2014 in the village Hagen, next to Dala-Floda, within the framework of the residence program Extensions Hagen. Other participants was Andrea Berendika, Erik Bünger, Kristina Feix, Sofia Jernberg and Noak Lönn.

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Next second bath took place November 4 2014 in Gnesta, in collaboration with Art Lab Gnesta.

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The third event was February 5 2015 in Luleå, in collaboration with Galleri Syster.

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The fourth sauna bath will be in Fengersfors, March 4 2015, in collaboration with Not Quite.

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The fifth and last sauna bath was held in Malmö April 15 2015.

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Sauna for the unemployed / Bastu för arbetslösa
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