Save the Crab Louse
Hated Animals, Part 3: the Crab Louse
Performance, text, media performance (video), 2013

Save the Crab Louse
(Bevara Flatlusen)
focus on the arguments used to define which species should be preserved in biodiversity.

The Crab louse is a small louse that lives in human coarse hair: pubic hair, armpit hair, beard, eyebrows and eyelashes. Their bites itches but they don't spread infections. Crab lice are in other words quite inconvenient, but harmless.

The project Save the Crab Louse deal with human relations to the Crab Louse, an inconvenient species that illuminates inconsequence in our thinking
in the discourse of biodiversity and nature preservation. Also, other ethical problems arise: what happens in unequal relations when ones' existence is inconvenient to another? In the project I'm also interested in the term "the parasite", a biological concept filled with anthropocentric and humanistic values. This leads to that the concept works well metaphorical as an argument to justify exclusivity actions in social and political relations. I also look into how the human body works as a habitat to other animals and cells that human. At the same time the idea of the healthy and clean body is supposed to be separated from nature and not take part in different ecosystems.

Save the Crab Louse consist of a video with an interview in the TV show TV4 Nyhetsmorgon (2013-02-28) and three essays.

The feature (In Swedish):
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