Hamre 2:4
Public sound installation

The one who come close to the abandoned house at Hamre 2:4 can hear a sound coming from it. The little old farm lack access road and is solitary situated in a forest with high ecological values. Residents in the area pass the house on forest walks and know it as an abandoned house. The sound, installed January 25 in 2017, shape a nostalgic, somewhat uncanny but remarkable animated atmosphere. The abandoned house have transformed into something else.

The house at Hamre 2:4 was built by my grandmothers’ father. My grandmother spent her youth here. Now its owned by my mother, who moved away from the rural area around forty years ago. This and the lack of accessible road made it hard for her to take care of it as she wished. The generation who built the house and spent their lives by it have all passed, and the remaining physical traces are increasingly moldering away.

The sound is 13 minutes and composed by Jonatan Liljedahl on the basis of the house situation and its living decay.

The project Hamre 2:4 consists of three parts, an exhibition at Gallery Gerlesborg, a concert by Jonatan Liljendahl and the public sound installation at Hamre in Lysekil.

You find Hamre 2:4 at the coordinates 58.338510, 11.522532.

Hamre 2:4 was curated by Henrik Andersson