Master Mind
4 videos, 3 digital prints on aluminium, 2010

”Because we have a very small country and there’s little room for real nature.”

– Ronald Messemaker, park ranger in De Wieden Natuurmonumenten, the Netherlands

The nature conservationists work hard to preserve the habitats of many species in the nature reserve De Wieden in the Netherlands. De Wieden is a swamp in a constant process of being overgrown by reed. Therefore the nature managers are constantly occupied with a never-ending removal of dirt, artificial irrigating and they put out man made breeding rafts before the Black terns breeding season. Many of the nordic migrant birds make a stopover in De Wieden on their way south, hence the unique and vulnerable area is important to global ecosystems. The swamps are therefore actively maintained and re-created, and sometimes even new swamps are created by intense nature management.

Master Mind consist of video and photography. The movements in the four videos create a floating composition when shown together in a row. The videos showing the landscape and nature management are alternated with quotes from Ronald Messemaker, park ranger in De Wieden Natuurmonumenten, during a guided tour in the swamp. The three photographs show a bird tower, different species of moss, and burned reed.