The Kungshatt memorial mural mystery
Performative guided tour

In the summer 2014 a mural painted in coal was discovered in the old ruins of an old brick factory on the island Kungshatt in Mälaren. The mural faded quite fast, and in the spring 2016 it is almost not visible anymore.

The Kungshatt memorial mural mystery is a guided tour through the history of Kungshatt, the islands connections to Stockholm City with its housing shortage, to the infrastructure project Förbifart Stockholm, and about venture capitalists' speculations in real estate and land. It is also a story about a mural painting in the memory of a by many people very disliked person, about an unknown artist and about the dream to achieve great deeds to earn large amounts of money.

The Kungshatt memorial mural mystery was performed April 19, 2016 in the ruins of the old brick factory at Kungshatt, as a part of the project Couchsurfer's Paradise: Part III Utopia, arranged by curator Sheena Malone and artist Jens Evaldsson. The story was told in dark night, in the light of torches and on a betweenwhiles shaking ground caused by the dynamite blasts from the construction site of Förbifart Stockholm.