Konsthallen MEKEN

June 5 - August 11, 2019

Opening: June 5 2019, 15-17

The exhibition Arbete/Existens shows contemporary art works that in different ways deal with work and its content, such as being a source for life content, community, and hope for better future. Important questions are posed over and over again: Who are we? What does the society teach us about life and the meaning of work? Does work make us participate in larger social contexts and if so, what happens with us if we suddenly find yourself excluded from that community?

Participating artists are Petra Hultman, Frida Klingberg, Anna Nordström, Pernilla Norrman, Rasmus Nossbring och Kateřina Šedá.

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Österängens Konsthall

Participating artist in the art project Naturen tar över aiming for semi permanent public art projects in the area Österängen, Jönköping. The participants will investigate Österängen and the biological and social preconditions in the biosphere reserve Östra Vätterbranterna from an artistic perspective with the method of public art.

The art project Naturen tar över is initiated by Österängens Konsthall together with the local biological interest group Biosfärområdet Östra Vätterbranterna and the real estate company Vätterhem. The project is funded by Statens Konstråd (Public Art Agency Sweden) as a part of a project that aims to realize locally initiated art projects.

Participating artists: Julia Adzuki & Patrick Dallard, Jan Carleklev, Jens Evaldsson, Frida Klingberg, The Nonhuman Nonsense Collective (Linnea Våglund, Hägersten & Leo Fidjeland), Erik Sjödin och Sissi Westerberg.

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-> Statens Konstråd, Lokala konstprojekt



Senaste nytt om löneslaveriet

Gylleboverket, Östra Vemmerlöv
April 19-21, 2019. kl 12-17

The exhibition Senaste nytt om löneslaveriet collects art projects that deals with labor issues in contemporary Sweden, with the aim of starting a discussion on the changes in the labor market during the last two decades. The exhibition is curated by Sonia Hedstrand.

Contributing artists: Frihetsförmedlingen, Frida Klingberg, Daria Bogdanska, Magdalena Nordin, Johannes Samuelsson, Kanslibyrån, Sonia Hedstrand

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Media articles (in Swedish):
-> Arbetaren
-> Ystads Allehanda
-> Kulturtips i Aftonbladet
-> Dagens Nyheter




Public art commission for Region Kalmar Län at the new Public Dental Central Gripen in Oskarshamn.

The new Public Dental Central Gripen in Oskarshamn was inaugurated in March 2019 with the photographic work Krafter (Forces) on the walls in the waiting room and corridors.

Krafter consists of 17 photographs made in the summer 2018 in the Oskarshamn archipelago. In Krafter bodies of people meet material bodies of nature, nature forces and other life forms than human. In these meetings we find potential for strength and kinship.



Frida Klingberg, Maiken Stene og Alessandro Marchi

March 9-11, 2018
Østervåg 8, Stavanger

Arbeidsverk is a series of exhibitions dealing with working life curated by Hans Edward Hammonds and Anna Ihle at Studio 17, Stavanger. In the project Studio 17 collaborated with Stavanger Sentrum and through this the exhibitions took place in several empty shops in the city.

Stavangerregionen har gjennomgått endringer de siste årene, og Aftenbladet og Rogalands Avis har ofte handlet om arbeidsledighet og historier om folk som omskolerer seg. Men i dag går det an å leie en anstendig leilighet selv med lav inntekt. Det mangler ikke på oppstart-initiativer i Stavanger øst. “Alle bør å ha en jobb å gå til” sa ordfører Christine Sagen Helgø i årets nyttårstale. Hva betyr det egentlig? Hva skjer med oss når vi ikke har jobb å gå til? Når er jobben meningsfull? Når blir jobben usunn? Om jeg mister jobben, hva skjer med identiteten min da? Kan arbeidsledige ha fritid? Gjør arbeidsledighet vondt, eller er det jobben som er plagsom?

– Hammonds & Ihle


Studio 17 –>



Badstu for arbeidsløse
in Stavanger

I am invited to realize Badstu for arbeidsløse in Stavanger as a part of Arbeidsverk, a project run by Studio 17. The sauna bath will take place March 1, 2018 at Gamlingen.

Do you know someone looking for a job in Rogaland and that might be interested to share their experiences and knowledge regarding unemployment?

Job ad (in Norwegian) –>

Studio17 is a show room for contemporary art in Stavanger. Badstu for arbeidsløse is curated by Anna Ihle and Hans Edward Hammonds, and is produced in collaboration with Gamlingen and Bruktmarked at Nytorget, Stavanger. The project is supported by Per Erling Ramslands Legat (Stavanger municipality) and Nordic Culture Point.

Studio 17 ->

Gamlingen ->

Story in Byas, local newspaper ->


Interview in VICE

Benjamin Wirström at VICE Sweden follow up on Save the Crab Louse in an interview. It became a conversation on ecology, values and norm critique.

The interview in VICE (in Swedish) >





Artist in residence and performance

12-20, April 9, 2017
Strandbodgatan 3, Uppsala

Performance I am a querulant by Frida Klingberg at 15.30.

Four artists with different artistic backgrounds shared time and space at Köttinspektionen during a two-week artistic exchange. The residency ends with a whole day of performances and public events.

Together with Mariana Suikkanen Gomes and The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra (Maria Stiernborg and Kajsa Wadhia).

Read more, Köttinspektionen Dans >





Hamre 2:4
Public sound installation

The one who come close to the abandoned house at Hamre 2:4 can hear a sound coming from it. The little old farm lack access road and is solitary situated in a forest with high ecological values. Residents in the area pass the house on forest walks and know it as an abandoned house. The sound, installed January 25 in 2017, shape a nostalgic, somewhat uncanny but remarkable animated atmosphere. The abandoned house have transformed into something else.

The house at Hamre 2:4 was built by my grandmothers’ father. My grandmother spent her youth here. Now its owned by my mother, who moved away from the rural area around forty years ago. This and the lack of accessible road made it hard for her to take care of it as she wished. The generation who built the house and spent their lives by it have all passed, and the remaining physical traces are increasingly moldering away.

The sound is composed by Jonatan Liljedahl on the basis of the house situation and its living decay.

The project Hamre 2:4 consists of three parts, an exhibition at Gallery Gerlesborg, a concert by Jonatan Liljendahl and the public sound installation at Hamre in Lysekil. The sound is 13 minutes.

You find Hamre 2:4 at the coordinates 58.338510, 11.522532.

Hamre 2:4 was curated by Henrik Andersson.



Hamre 2:4

Jan 25 - Feb 17, 2017
Gallery Gerlesborg
Gerlesborgsskolan Bohuslän

The project Hamre 2:4 consists of three parts, an exhibition at Gallery Gerlesborg, a concert by Jonatan Liljendahl and the public sound installation at Hamre in Lysekil.

Interview in Bohuslänningen >
Interview in P4 Väst >



Club Antropocen
Art proposal

I participated in Club Antropocen, a collective project for research and artistic production 2014-2016. The group was put together by Fröydi Laszlo and consisted of artists, philosophers and theologians. The group had a few longer residences at Bornö Institute for ocean and climate studies, and the project ended with a open house at the island Stora Bornö May 11, 2016. At the open house the participants exhibited proposals and sketches, in which I presented an art proposal for a public sound installation on an abandoned house I have in the family. The house is in decay, but the remains of the family's history also nourish molds, ants and bugs.

Participants in Club Antropocen:
Marie Bondeson, Trinidad Carrillo, Cristine Fentz, Grethe Gunneng, Johan Hallberg, Peter Hefner, Ilona Huss Walin, Frida Klingberg, Fröydi Laszlo, Björn Perborg, Gustavo Perillo Nogueira, Anneli Pihlgren, Jeanette Schaering, Nina Sinkkonen, Lars Åsling, priest Lars van der Heeg and philosopher Ingmar Meland.

Club Antropocen was also presented at Galleri 54 in Gothenburg >


Installation at Saunabad
Rykestrasse 10, 10405 Berlin

Opening at Saunabad
Monday, 3th October, 18-21 h

Opening hours from 4th October - 19th November: Mon–Sat: 15–24 h, Sun: 12–24 h 

Price for 4 h sauna: 14 Euro, Special price for 1,5 h sauna and visit of the installation: 8 Euro. For using the sauna please bring towels and bathing shoes. Read more ->

Undiciplinary Learning ->
Saunabad ->



UNDISCIPLINARY LEARNING - Remapping the Aesthetics of Resistance
Sauna für Arbeitslose in Berlin

Sauna für Arbeitslose
will be realized Sept 26 in Berlin in collaboration with DISTRICT.

Do you know anyone in Berlin who is currently unemployed? Are you?
Apply for the job ->

Sauna for the unemployed/SWE will be exhibited in the group show Undisciplinary Learning – Remapping the Aesthetics of Resistance: SPACE

Sept 22 - Nov 19, 2016.
Opening Thursday Sept 22, at 19

Bessemerstraße 2-14, Berlin

Undiciplinary Learning ->



The Kungshatt memorial mural mystery
Performative guided tour

The Kungshatt memorial mural mystery was performed April 19, 2016 in the ruins of the old brick factory at Kungshatt. The talk was performed as a part of the project Couchsurfer's Paradise: Part III Utopia, arranged by curator Sheena Malone and artist Jens Evaldsson. The story was told in dark night, in the light of torches and on a betweenwhiles shaking ground caused by the dynamite blasts from the construction site of Förbifart Stockholm.



Vara utan efterfrågan
– a book about Sauna for the unemployed

This is a book about Sauna for the unemployed, a process based artwork that examines the central role of labour through a normal job. In Dala-Floda, Gnesta, Luleå, Fengersfors and Malmö artist Frida Klingberg hired four unemployed persons for a sauna bath. The work was to sweat and to have a conversation about experiences and knowledge about the society gained by "being unemployed".

The book is in Swedish.

Price 350 sek

Order the book:



Vara utan efterfrågan
November 15 – December 20, 2015

Opening November 15, 12-16
Live music by Stina Salander at 15

In the process based work Sauna for the unemployed Frida Klingberg employed twenty unemployed persons for sauna baths and conversations about what personal experiences you gain and what you learn about the society by being unemployed. The exhibition Vara utan efterfrågan is based on the collected material and is presented in an installation with a song specially made for the project, by Stina Salander.

The opening is also a release for the book Vara utan efterfrågan, a documentation of the five sauna baths.



The exhibition is open Saturdays and Sundays 12-16, until December 20.






Experiences of Unemployment is a public talk about labours' central position in society, economy and personal life.

Saturday, May 2, 14.30
Art Lab Gnesta, Gnesta.

Frida Klingberg, artist
Elise Karlsson, author
Stina Oscarson, director och debater
Caroline Malmström, Art Lab Gnesta

More about the event (in Swedish) >

Art Lab Gnesta >


Bastu för arbetslösa
Sauna for the unemployed

The fifth and last sauna bath will take place April 15 in Malmö.

Do you have experience of being unemployed, live in Skåne, and are interested in sharing your experiences and your knowledge about our society?
Welcome to apply!

The job ad at Platsbanken>


Bastu för arbetslösa
Sauna for the unemployed
in collaboration with Not Quite

A new sauna bath will take place March 4 in Fengersfors in collaboration with Not Quite.

Are you unemployed, live in Dalsland, and interested in sharing your experiences and your knowledge about our society? Welcome to apply!

Not quite >


Bastu för arbetslösa
Sauna for the unemployed
in collaboration with Galleri Syster

A new sauna bath will take place Febuary 5 in Luleå in collaboration with Galleri Syster.

Are you unemployed, live in Norrbotten, and interested in sharing your experiences and your knowledge about our society? Welcome to apply!

Galleri Syster >


Fria Tidningen >

Morgon i P4 Norrbotten, 15 januari 2015 >
TV4 Nyhetsmorgon, 15 januari 2015 >
Norrbottens Kuriren >
TT notis >


Hjärnstorm #120-121: MENS

Hjärnstorm issue #120-121 on menstruation will be released November 28. I will read my text OBS OBS EXTRA! Ny mensvärksmetod förändrar hela samhället.

28 November, 17-23
Moderna Bar, Moderna Museet.

Facebook event >
Hjärnstorm >
Review by Ida Therén in Aftonbladet >






Oslo Projektrom
shows Handplockat – på utflykter i bildarkivet

30 October - 16 November 2014
Schweigaards gate 34 A, Oslo

Oslo Projektrom blog >



Bastu för arbetslösa
Sauna for the unemployed
in collaboration with Art Lab Gnesta

A new sauna bath will take place November 4 in Gnesta as a part of the project Sauna for the unemployed.

Are you unemployed, live in Sörmland and interested in sharing your experiences and your knowledge about our society? Welcome to apply!


Fotogalleriet [format]
Handplockat – på utflykter i bildarkivet

19 sept - 2 nov 2014
Friisgatan 15B, Malmö

Participating artists: Lars Dyrendom, Frøydi Laszlo, Frida Klingberg, Peo Olsson, Hendrik Zeitler och Christine Sjöberg.

Fotogalleriet [format] >


Konstkollektivet Corso
I ärlighetens namn – Politik och konst kvällen innan det är dags att välja

13 September 17.00 - 00.00

The garage and parkinglot of Slakthusateljéerna

Bolidenvägen 22, Stockholm
Subway station Globen

More about the night >
Konstkollektivet Corso >


Bastu för arbetslösa
Sauna for the unemployed

Using the platform of Arbetsförmedlingen (The Swedish Public Employment service) I hired four unemployed persons to have a sauna bath with me; to sweat and talk about personal experiences, and knowledge about society, achieved through the position 'to be unemployed'.

The first sauna bath took place April 30 in the village Hagen, next to Dala-Floda, within the framework of the residence program Extensions Hagen. Other participants was Andrea Berendika, Erik Bünger, Kristina Feix, Sofia Jernberg and Noak Lönn.

Extensions Hagen >>
Extensions Hagen on Facebook >>


Round-table discussion about nude photography in the magazine Fotografisk tidskrift #6 2013

The photographers Bingo Rimér, Simon Berg, Håkan Elofsson and I were invited to talk about nude photography together with editor Jenny Morelli.

The article >

(in Swedish)


Handplockat is nominated to Svenska Fotobokspriset 2013

The book Handplockat – på utflykt i bildarkivet in which I contribute with Hated Animlas, part 2: the Wolf was nominated to Svenska Fotobokspriset 2013 (Swedish Photo book 2013).

Björn Larsson won with Brandplats 3. Congratulations!

Read more:
Svenska Fotografers Förbund ––>
Adlibris ––>


Galleri Träsmak
Cultural week in Sunne

Hated Animals, part 2: the Wolf will be shown in a barn gallery in Mallbacken in August 2013. The site is close to where the material in the work was collected.


New Nordic Photography 2013
Hasselblad Center, Gothenburg

Hated Animals, part 2: the Wolf
will be exhibited in the group show New Nordic Photography 2013.

Curated by Dragana Vujanovic.

Hannes Anderzén (SE)
Malin Bernalt (SE)
Savas Boyraz (TR)
Hallgerdur Hallgrímsdóttir (IS)
Jonna Kina (FI)
Frida Klingberg (SE)
Christopher Landin (SE)
Santiago Mostyn (US)

7 june – 18 August 2013

Hasselblad Center >

New Nordic Photography 2013, Hasselblad Center

Spring Show 2013
Konstfack, Stockholm

Bevara Flatlusen
(Save the Crab Louse) is exhibited in the Spring Show 2013 at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. Curated by Johanna Karlin.

16 May – 26 May


Bevara Flatlusen (Save the Crab Louse) at Spring Show 2013, Konstfack


24 Spaces – A Cacophony
Malmö Konsthall, Malmö

Bevara Flatlusen
, Window Cleaning and The Common Show is exhibited in The Living room at 24 Spaces – A Cacophony, Malmö Konsthall.

The master student group at Konstfack decided to create The Living room; a space for art and political discussions in the private sphere. The TV, placed in front of the mandatory sofa group, shows a trailer from The Common Show in which Window Cleaning is presented in a cut version. By the windows in the room visitors are invited to sign up to get their own private windows cleaned by me. The media performance Bevara Flatlusen in TV4 Nyhetsmorgon is also shown in The Living room.

4 May- 18 August 2013

Malmö Konsthall >


The Livingroom, Malmö Konsthall


The Common Show
Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm

20 February 2013

The Common Show is a live TV show concerning the commons. I'm interviewed three times about Window Cleaning by the hostess Miss Anti Moral af da Story. The questions asked each time are the same but my answers differ depending on which kind of Window Cleaning we are talking about; as a gift, as a domestic service or as an exclusive performance in the private home. After the show the visitors can sign up to get their own windows cleaned by me.



Värdehandling och Kulturarv 2.0
18 February 2013
Stockholms Auktionsverk, Stockholm

Katarina MacLeod invited me to do a Bevara Flatlusen (Save the Crab Louse) performance at the conference Värdehandling och kulturarv 2.0 about how to preserve cultural heritage for the future.

The conference was arranged by Stockholms Auktionsverk and Södertörns högskola with support from KK-stiftelsen. The contributions were filmed and broadcasted in UR Kunskapskanalen during the spring.

Read more about the conference >
UR Kunskapskanalen >
(in Swedish)



Hated Animals
News About the Apocalypse #5
Note On, Berlin

11 August – 25 August 2012
Kollwitzstr. 10, 10405 Berlin

Frida Klingberg
opening performance by Alida Müschen

Curated by
Ulrike Gerhardt, Susanne Husse, Friederike Hamann

Note On >
Note On at Index Berlin >



Why Art?

Exhibition catalogue to the Spring Show 2012 with the Bachelor and Master students at the Fine Art Department. The catalogue is a student initiative.

Editor: Frida Klingberg
Project managers: Tove Eklund Lindskog and Anneliis Kogan
Graphic Design: Simon Hessler

Simon Hessler >



New Nordic Photography 2010: On Display
CFF – Centrum för Fotografi

30 September – 7 November 2010
Tjärhovsgatan 44, Stockholm




New Nordic Photography 2010: On Display
Hasselblad Center
Götaplatsen, Gothenburg

29 May – 29 August 2010

Stine Ofelia Kildevang (DK), David Molander (SE), Jóna Berglind Hlynnsdottir (IS), Lovisa Ringborg (SE), Simon Berg (SE), Nora Bencivenni (SE), Thom Bridge (SE/UK), Agnes Thor (SE), Nelli Palomäki (FI), Ida Andersson (SE), Frida Klingberg (SE)

Hasselblad Center >


New Nordic Photography 2010: On Display, Hasselblad Center, Gothenburg