Sauna für Arbeitlose
Process based contructed situation, Berlin

Sauna für Arbeitslose offered a place, time and economical space for six unemployed persons to share experiences and knowledge regarding how the German society treat and regard people that are in the position of being "unemployed". The work simultaneously examines how different positions are created and valued within the structure of labor in contemporary Germany by bringing the positions employer, employed and unemployed to the fore. In Sauna für Arbeitslose two times three persons were hired for a private conversation in a sauna in Berlin. The conversations were recorded and the participants’ sweat was collected through towels. Parts of the conversations, together with the used towels, were exhibited during six weeks at the relax room at Saunabad, the sauna where the conversations had taken place.

Sauna für Arbeitslose was realized and exhibited in Berlin in 2016 in collaboration with DISTRICT and part of the project Undiciplinary Learning - Remapping the Aesthetics of Resistance, Sep 8-Nov 19 2016, curated by Janine Halka, Suza Husse, Julia Lazarus. 


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