Hated Animals, part 1: the Great Cormorant
Mixed media, 2009

Hated Animals, part 1: the Great Cormorant revolve around the fish-eating seabird the Great cormorant that breeds in colonies on islands and along the coastline. They prefer to breed in trees and their acid excrements cause death to the vegetation underneath. Whole islands turns into white, malodorous and blatant areas threatening the archipelago idyll. Some fishermen dislike cormorants, regarding the birds as competitors. Sometimes cormorants also destroy fishing tools while hunting fish in fishing-nets.

The summer 2008: Armed with a pitchfork, a man destroy all the nests in the colony on the islet Loppan in the outskirts of Härnösand. The year after I came to the now vacated islet to investigate the event and the conflict around the birds. I interviewed three persons with connections to the cormorants in the area; a fisherman who had demanded protective hunt of the cormorants, a bird watcher who witnessed the destruction of nests and called the police, and the person at the County Administrative Board who had the management of cormorants within her field of responsibility. I did a performance on the islet only for the persons and birds that were already in the area. The performance was filmed and I later edited the video together with the interviews into the video work Drying my wings.

In the cormorant project I focused on conflicts between different ideas of how nature should be designed and managed but also on anger and sorrow over "lost" nature. What kind of nature this is depends on who you ask.

The works within the project have been exhibited in different versions and constellations at New Nordic Photography 2010: On Display at Hasselblad Center, Dokumentärfilmfestivalen c/o Tempo at Skövde Kulturhus 2010, and in the artist and curator run gallery Note On in Berlin 2012.







Drying my wings
Video, 12 minutes 23 seconds



Loppan Triptych
3 digital prints, aluminium, 70x47 cm



Index #1: Scull
Found object (cormorant scull), 2009



The population of the Great Cormorant and the fishermen's estimated loss
Scratched photograph, aluminium, wooden frame,106x84 cm, 2009



Vacated Island
Three animations, installation, 2009