Window Cleaning
Performance, domestic service, gift
2010 - ongoing

In some exhibition situations I'm offering Window Cleaning, that is I offer myself to clean all the windows in the visitors' homes. A Window Cleaning can have three different values and meanings; free – as a gift from me, as a domestic service with a fee per hour, or as an exclusive art performance in the home for a higher set fee. I clean the windows in the same way regardless of the choice; with cleanser and the day's newspaper. However, the choice of a visitor that sign up for a Window Cleaning determine both the economical value of the cleaning as well as the social relations we'll have while I'm executing the Window Cleaning.

The whole process from the visitors' choice to the following social consequences, exclusively experienced by the visitors that signed up for a window cleaning, are important parts of the project. However, I don't document the cleanings in the visitors homes.

To the exhibition 24 Spaces – a cacophony, the master group at Konstfack decided to create The Living room; a space for art and political discussions in the private sphere. One of my contributions was to offer six Window Cleaning in three different values to the citizens of Malmö. In August six visitors had their windows cleaned by me as gifts, domestic service or as art performance.

February 20, I offered six Window Cleaning in The Common Show at Tensta Konsthall in Stockholm. They were offered in three different values; free as a gift, as labour with a 100 SEK/h fee, or as an exclusive art performance in the home for 2500 SEK. Three visitors signed up and had their windows cleaned.

I offered the visitors to The Christmas Market at Konstfack 2011 to buy Window Cleaning vouchers. I had two for free, two were sold as domestic service and two were sold as performance. I sold out, but only two of the visitors contacted me during the year to have their windows cleaned.

In the exhibition Experience of Exchange curated by Erik Berglin, Thomas Dahl and Christian Hansen at Galleri Rotor in Gothenburg I offered to clean all the windows in the visitors' homes for free; as a gift. During the exhibition I cleaned windows in six homes in Gothenburg.