Badstu for arbeidsløse
Context specific situation, Stavanger

Badstu for arbeidsløse was realized and exhibited in Stavanger, Norway, in February to April 2018, together with Studio 17 and as part of the exhibition series Arbeidsverk. The project was exhibited March 9-11 i in an empty shop at Østervåg 8, and as a installation in the entrance of the public bath Gamlingen to April 8.

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Hamre 2:4
Public sound installation

The one who come close to the abandoned house at Hamre 2:4 can hear a sound coming from it. The sound, installed January 25 in 2017, shape a nostalgic, somewhat uncanny but remarkable animated atmosphere. The abandoned house have transformed into something else.

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Sauna für Arbeitlose
Process based contructed situation, Berlin

Sauna für Arbeitslose was realized and exhibited in Berlin in September 2016 in collaboration with DISTRICT and part of the project Undiciplinary Learning - Remapping the Aesthetics of Resistance.

Undisciplinary Learning takes the novel The Aesthetics of Resistance by Peter Weiss (1916–1982) as an impetus to question current knowledge politics at the intersection of artistic, political, and pedagogical practices.

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The Kungshatt memorial mural mystery
Performative guided tour

The Kungshatt memorial mural mystery
is a guided tour through the history of Kungshatt, the islands connections to Stockholm City with its housing shortage, an unknown artist, the infrastructure project Förbifart Stockholm, and about venture capitalists' speculations in real estate and land.

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Vara utan efterfrågan
about Sauna for the unemployed

Vara utan efterfrågan consists of several presentations and elaborations of the collected material in the process based piece Sauna for the unemployed.

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Sauna for the unemployed
Process based project, 2014-ongoing

Sauna for the unemployed
is a process based project that take place in saunas. The sauna is a room for relaxation, sweat and physical exhaustion, but is also a place for confidant conversations and secret decision making. The idea is to five times employ four unemployed persons to sweat and share personal experiences, and knowledge about the society that they have achieved through the position 'to be unemployed'.

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Save the Crab Louse
Hated Animals, Part 3: the Crab Louse
Performance, text, media performance (video), 2013

Save the Crab Louse
(Bevara Flatlusen)
focus on the arguments used to define which of all species should be preserved in biodiversity.

The Crab louse is a small louse that lives in human coarse hair; pubic hair, armpit hair, beard, eyebrows and eyelashes. Their bites itches but they don't spread infections. Crab lice are in other words quite inconvenient, but harmless.

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Hated Animals, part 2: the Wolf
Mixed media, 2011

Hated Animals, Part 2: the Wolf consists of four works in which I examine conflicts and stories about the wolf in the area around Torsby in Värmland. We meet three families who tell us about wolf attacks in their back yards in the idyllic landscape of the countryside. I take measure of my fear by sleeping one night alone in the wolf territory of Gräsmark. I display a found a wolf faeces which not only a trace of a wolf but also of whom it ate. We also see a photographic series that challenges documentary methods within photography.

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Window Cleaning
Performance, domestic service, gift
2010 - ongoing

In some exhibition situations I'm offering Window Cleaning, that is I offer myself to clean all the windows in the visitors' homes. A Window Cleaning can have three different values and meanings; free – as a gift from me, as a domestic service with a fee per hour, or as an exclusive art performance in the home for a higher set fee. I clean the windows in the same way regardless of the choice; with cleanser and the day's newspaper. However, the choice of a visitor that sign up for a Window Cleaning determine both the economical value of the cleaning as well as the social relations we'll have while I'm executing the Window Cleaning.

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Hated Animals, part 1: the Great Cormorant
Mixed media, 2009

Hated Animals, part 1: the Great Cormorant revolve around the fish-eating seabird the Great cormorant that breeds in colonies on islands and along the coastline. They prefer to breed in trees and their acid excrements then cause death to the vegetation underneath. Whole islands turns into white, malodorous and blatant areas threatening the archipelago idyll. Some fishermen dislike cormorants, regarding the birds as competitors. Sometimes cormorants also destroy fishing tools while hunting fish in fishing-nets.

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Master Mind
Video, digital prints, aluminium, 2010

”Because we have a very small country and there’s little room for real nature.”

– Ronald Messemaker, park ranger in De Wieden Natuurmonumenten, the Netherlands

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Family Collection
Digital prints, 2009

One day I found herbariums in an attic; my grandmother's, my grandmother's father's and his sister's. Most of the plants were collected in the areas surrounding the family house in the outskirts of Kungsbacka, and the oldest specimens were collected in 1901. Time has paled the plats and yellowed the paper sheets. Every archive makes specific impact on the archived material.

Family Collection consist of twelve scanned sheet with pressed plants. During the scanning process I moved around the sheets creating media specific distortions. By adding this new layer to the documents I add to and update the archive of those plants, but also to my family's interest in them.

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